President Donald J.Trump is dedicated to Making America Great Again, and in doing so he realizes the economy must be strong.

His vast business experience comes in handy more than the media cares to admit.  And now that he’s in office, it’s often overlooked that Trump is a billionaire because of his business acumen and dedication to building businesses from the ground up.

Unfortunately, the Trump administration can’t get the media to report on the progress being made in the business sector.  Instead they want to focus on Russia.  Even so, it doesn’t mean that progress won’t, can’t, or isn’t being made. The president’s policies and pro-business approach is starting to gain serious steam both nationally, and on a local level. Jobs of all kinds are being created; new opportunities both big and small are sprouting up everywhere.

The stock market is up — Wall Street hitting new highs day after day.  We know this, we see this.  But what is equally important, is how the Trump administration is having a positive impact on small businesses on Main Street, USA.

A perfect example of how American businesses are doing better under the leadership of President Trump can be found in Alabama.  It’s one of the those little big stories the media will never highlight.

Located right, smack-dab between the Alabama cities of Montgomery and Mobile, the tiny city of Monroeville (population approximately 6,500) is about to get an economic shot in the arm when a Canadian packaging company breaks ground on a $6 million state-of-the-art facility on Monday. The move will create up to 55 new jobs, according to a press release from Sterling Packaging.

Headquartered in  Manitoba, Canada, Sterling is part of a Northport, Alabama-based investment company known as Druid Capital Partners.

The new 60,000 square foot building will be located in Monroeville Industrial Park.

The 55 new jobs are yet another reminder that business is booming in corporate America, and even foreign companies like Sterling, which hails from Canada, are investing in the United States, thanks to President Donald Trump.

Investment in the project was made possible by a number of state, county and city grants and incentives totaling $3.2 million.

“Once again, our local economy gets another boost thanks to Sterling and Druid Capital’s decision to expand in Monroeville,” said Monroeville Mayor Joseph Oglesby. He credited the city’s continued success to the teamwork of Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, Director Kenneth Boswell and Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Secretary Greg Canfield, among others.

Monroeville is known as the hometown of two prominent writers of the post-World War II period, Truman Capote and Harper Lee, who were actually known to be childhood friends with each other when they were growing up in the 1930s. Lee’s iconic 1960 novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, earned her a Pulitzer Prize. Her having grown up in there meant that Monroeville’s tourist trade benefited from To Kill a Mockingbird. In fact, the Alabama Legislature designated Monroeville and Monroe County as the “Literary Capital of Alabama” in 1997.

Sterling Packaging designs and manufactures folded paper cartons for a variety of different industries, including food and beverage, hardware, cosmetic, and pharmaceuticals. Well-known in North America, some of the largest Fortune 500 companies rely on Sterling in both the U.S. and Canada. Sterling has also established itself as a leader in the beverage industry, manufacturing glass carriers and packaging for craft brewers.

Jim Hickson, President of Sterling Packaging, said, “This great partnership with Druid Capital allows Sterling to expand and better serve our existing clients, while aggressively growing our business in Canada and throughout the U.S. We are delighted to be a part of the Monroeville, Alabama business community.”

“As Alabama residents ourselves, we are proud to be involved with a true public/private partnership that will create jobs in our state, and we really appreciate all those who made this possible, especially Mayor Joseph Oglesby, Whitney Barlow of the MMCEDA, and Governor Kay Ivey and her staff,” said Martin Holt, Managing Partner of Druid Capital.

Sterling Packaging was founded in 1989 in the Canadian city of Winnipeg by the husband-and-wife team of Jim and Debbie Hickson. The company initially began as a commercial printing operation. A few years later, they branched out in to manufacturing paperboard packaging in 1992. Whether you desire a new product launch, rebranding, or decreasing your environmental impact, Sterling Packaging has the expertise and experience to deliver the most efficient results.

Formed in 2015, Druid Capital is a boutique investment manager focused on investing in private companies in the Southeast, targeting specialty manufacturing, distribution, and industrial services.