Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul and presumptive GOP nominee, held a press conference on Tuesday at Trump Tower in New York City.  Trump used the event to discuss the controversy surrounding the dollar amount he has donated to veterans.

Trump started the press conference by mentioning he has grabbed more votes in the primaries than any GOP candidate in history. He also mentioned the record number of votes cast.

The Republican candidate was immediately asked about his donations to veterans.  Trump said he has raised $5.6 million for veteran groups and that all the money has been paid out.  He said he received a call from one veteran who cried on the phone thanking Trump for the $100,000 he received.

Trump said the veterans are furious that the press is attacking him over this issue.  The presumptive GOP nominee stated he personally donated $1,000,000 and that zero dollars have been taken out for administration.  He said all of the money was paid via certified checks.

Trump mentioned how he raised all the money during one speech, and that the speech was given instead of attending a FOX debate.  He said, “And by the way, it was the lowest rated debate.”  He said the $5.6 million raised is just a start.  He plans to raise more money.