On “The Mike Gallagher Show” this Thursday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bashed Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and said he would “love” to see her be chosen as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s running mate.


On the show Trump said, “I would love it. I don’t think she will do it. I don’t think that Hillary Clinton, ‘Crooked Hillary,’ as I call her, would do it. But I would love to see that. I think that would be the best thing that could happen. She is despised. She is a do-nothing senator. You know she is all talk. She has passed nothing. She is not respected by many of her colleagues. And I will tell you she is a total do-nothing. She hasn’t done anything. You know she talks a good game. And she used her Native American — so called phony Native America status to get into institutions and to help her career.”

Trump then when on to say, “I always say I have more Native American blood in me than she does, OK? And I bet you do too. I think it’s a total ruse. And she kept Native Americans out of the colleges… She kept somebody out and she claimed she was Native American, and had she not have been she wouldn’t have gotten into those institutions — either schooling or working — but she wouldn’t have gotten into those institutions. She has no documentation. She has no documentation whatsoever mind you. It’s a disgrace.”