Melania Trump is one of the scheduled speakers tonight at the Republican National Convention and the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump says he is planning on attending tonight to support his wife.

Nominees traditionally show up on the last night of the convention, however, on Monday morning Trump confirmed that he would be attending the first night of the convention.

“I may sneak out, I have to be honest, I want to see this.” “I’d love to be there when my wife speaks,” Trump said Monday morning in an interview with “Fox and Friends.” “So the answer is yes, I will be there.”

Trump said his wife has played a low-key role in the campaign, and she will be speaking about “her love of the country.” Melania Trump was born in Slovenia and then emigrated to the U.S. from Slovenia, “worked hard, she came into the country, she gained legal status and she’s a terrific person,” Trump said.

“I want to watch. It’s going to be very exciting,” Trump said.

Trump did not say whether he would deliver remarks tonight or introduce Melania at the convention.

The theme for tonight’s convention is “Make America Safe Again.”