President Trump took to Twitter Wednesday morning to blame the Democrats for the surge of migrants making their way towards the US in huge numbers.

The president tweeted:
Our Border Laws are very weak while those of Mexico & Canada are very strong. Congress must change these Obama era, and other, laws NOW! The Democrats stand in our way – they want people to pour into our country unchecked….CRIME! We will be taking strong action today.

The president did not specify what action he will be taking, but Dennis Michael Lynch sent a message to the White House on Tuesday urging the president to take three steps in stopping the flow of migration that is hitting the borders:

1) Kill NAFTA if the Mexican government does not stop the migrants from crossing the Mexican border.
2) Begin mass round ups of illegal aliens in the US.
3) Sign an executive order for national mandatory e-Verify.

DML News will cover the story as the day progresses.