President Trump responded in a Twitter statement to the passage of a school safety bill in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The bill passed in a landslide 407-10 bipartisan vote.

“Today the House took major steps toward securing our schools by passing the STOP School Violence Act. We must put the safety of America’s children FIRST by improving training and by giving schools and law enforcement better tools. A tragedy like Parkland can’t happen ever again!” the president said in a Twitter post.

President Trump also shared a video Fox News had posted, of a roundtable discussion he held at Boeing Co. in St. Louis Wednesday, on tax cuts and tax reform.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported: Dan Mehan, president and chief executive of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, praised Trump’s economic policies, as did other members of the roundtable.

Trump met executives and employees of 10 Missouri-based companies that have announced bonuses, wage increases or other investments since the passage of the “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” last year.

“Thank you for hosting! #MAGA,” Trump tweeted.