President Trump sent out two additional statements on Twitter Monday morning.

President Trump offered congratulations to Richard Grenell, the new Ambassador to Germany, who was just sworn in last week.

“Good luck to Ric Grenell, our new Ambassador to Germany. A great and talented guy, he will represent our Country well!” Trump tweeted.

Fox News published a story Monday morning about a new book, titled, “The Great Revolt,” authored by Salena Zito and Brad Todd, about the voters who elected President Trump.

Zito and Todd have traveled on over 27,000 miles of country roads to interview more than 300 Trump voters in 10 swing counties. What they have discovered is that these voters were hiding in plain sight – ignored by both parties, the media, and the political experts all at once, ready to unite into the movement that spawned the greatest upset in recent electoral history. Deeply rooted in the culture of these Midwestern swing states, Zito and Brad Todd reframe the discussion of the “Trump voter” to answer the question: What next?

President Trump then tweeted about the book, writing, ““The Great Revolt” by Salena Zito and Brad Todd does much to tell the story of our great Election victory. The Forgotten Men & Women are forgotten no longer!”