On Saturday, Donald Trump met with families who have lost their loved ones to illegal aliens.  Trump told them they had been forced into the shadows by politicians and media.
The meeting took place during a luncheon hosted by the Remembrance Project, and anti-illegal immigration group.

Trump said that contrary to the liberal media’s narrative, it is the American people who have been “truly forced into the shadows.” Trump said:

I’m honored to be here today and to shine a national spotlight on a group of victims who have been forced, and I mean truly forced into the shadows. Your stories are not featured in the news. You don’t have demonstrators taking to the streets on your behalf. You have no special interests taking up your cause. And the politicians ignore your cries for help. But I never will. I will never… Your cause and your stories are ignored by our political establishment because they are determined to keep our borders open at any cost. To them your presence is just too inconvenient. That’s all it is, it’s an inconvenience.

On Friday evening, Dennis Michael Lynch’s DML REPORT focused on Trump’s ability to win the election if he remains steadfast in his message about illegal immigration. DML highlighted a mother who lost her daughter to an illegal immigrant and revealed new numbers concerning the rapes of children by illegal aliens. WATCH: