Wanting to adapt and expand on his foreign policy matters, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has been scheduling numerous meetings with Republican leaders and officials to better frame his foreign policy plans. He wouldn’t want to make a grave mistake like one previous Secretary of State did.

One of the leaders Trump will be meeting with in New York on Wednesday is actually a well respected former Secretary of State from the Nixon and Ford eras, Republican Henry Kissinger. The 92 year old Nobel Peace Prize winner will consult and advise Trump on some of his foreign policy talking points to help his campaign for the November election.

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Kissinger is most notable for his time orchestrating the policy of détente with the Soviet Union, arranging the Paris Peace Accords, opening relations with China and introducing realpolitik to American foreign policy. To conservatives, he is considered the most effective and constructive Secretary of State since 1965. To liberals, he is viewed as a criminal for his perceived disregard to foreign human rights violations. It will be interesting how Kissinger will influence Trump’s foreign policy commentary in the next coming months.