I received this email today with an attached file, which was a letter written by the president.  It comes in from Irene Ahlquist-Fisher.

Hello Dennis,
I am a big fan of yours, I display my bumper stickers, I am 69, and I became passionate about politics only when President Trump ran.

I have written the President 4x’s telling him how much I support him, and thanked him for all he is doing for the American people, and telling him to stay strong.

Every letter I wrote the President included that I only trust news from DML, Sean, Rush and Herman Cain.

Receiving this letter from the President meant so much to me in so many ways. HE MADE ME FEEL SPECIAL!

The signed gold stationary, picture and envelope is an absolute treasure to me. I wanted to share with the DML  viewers as an example of how kind, caring, and down to earth our president really is.

I am getting a big  WOW! from my family and friends on Facebook. I smiled when an old friend of mine asked my husband how he feels now that he is married to a famous person. (smiling)

Thanks DML for all you do. God Bless you, Mary and the kids.

*If you cannot see letter below, click here to read letter from President Trump