The firing of Donald Trump’s abusive campaign manager Corey Lewandowski Monday has been a long time coming. Interestingly though, Lewandowski’s ousting came at the behest of none other than Trump’s three grown children: Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka.

According to New York Magazine, “no one inside the campaign was given any advance warning about the dismissal of Mr. Lewandowski” when he was fired. It’s been alluded to the three Trump children had consulted with their father about Lewandowski needing the boot.

A senior staffer revealed to New York Magazine that a weekly Trump campaign meeting was supposed to be just another run-of-the-mill strategy meeting, but then “things went south for Lewandowski, and he was fired.” Many believed Lewandowski’s rash behavior and relative incidents were hurting Trump’s image, which is why his children stepped in to axe Lewandowski from the campaign going forward.

Trump communications aide and longtime Lewandowski foe, Michael Caputo, is “mourning” in his own way:

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