With presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump narrowing down the pool of his vice president options, the vetting process of the potentials is critical to make sure there’s no skeletons in the closet that could undo Trump’s credibility to be president. Now, one possible person up for VP grabs is being vetted for his possible ties to a real estate firm under federal investigation.

Senator Bob Corker has strong connections to CBL & Associates Properties, but the firm is currently under investigation for alleged accounting fraud. Located in Chattanooga, Tenn., the company falsified information on financial statements to banks when applying for financing arrangements, according to the claim. Law-enforcement officials have spoken with former CBL employees who allege the company inflated its rental income and properties’ occupancy rates when reporting in those figures to banks.

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FBI officials have separately asked questions about the relationship between the company and Corker, whose close ties to the firm could make voters raise their eyebrows if Trump chooses him as VP. As of now, Corker’s connection and relative closeness to the firm has not been verified as public information yet. They have found no evidence to suggestingt Corker has committed wrongdoing.