Eric Trump, youngest son of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, has been making rounds with press affiliates to promote his father’s presidential bid.  On Thursday, Eric stopped by Fox News to discuss his take on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of Benghazi after she lambasted Trump earlier on his foreign policy.

“I see that little clip, and I literally cringe. Her foreign policy has literally cost this country trillions of dollars, thousands of lives,” Eric Trump said in regards to Benghazi footage from the 2012 attack. He also reveals he and his wife Lara watched the Michael Bay movie based on the events, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” which had a major impact on him. Eric then proposed a suggestion

“I think in order to vote in this next election, you should have to watch that movie. I was livid,” Eric Trump said. “She left these guys on a rooftop in the middle of Benghazi getting shot at, having mortars drop on their head because she wouldn’t pick up a phone call in the middle of the night.”

After recommending all American voters to watch the movie, he further criticizes Hillary over her statements against his father and the veterans. “She has done no job for our veterans,” he said. “She has done a total disservice for the country. Her policy is totally disastrous. My father would be an amazing, amazing commander in chief.”