A man who claims to be a Trump supporter left a racist voicemail that has now been turned into a campaign ad video by a candidate running against Trump.

Evan McMullin, a conservative independent who just launched his presidential campaign last month, saying he wanted to offer a conservative alternative to Trump, is now using the new campaign video to highlight what his campaign calls the “racism that has been pushed to the surface by Trump supporters.”   

After McMullin’s campaign spokeswoman, Rina Shah, an Indian-American, appeared in an interview on Fox News on September 16, she received a voicemail from a man later identified as Alan Pryce, according to Buzzfeed.

“Hi, you frothing libtard piece of s**t, Islamic dog.  Vote for the pathological lying criminal you f*****g piece of s**t … and get out of our country,” Pryce said. “While you’re at it, go back and get f****d by your dirtbag Islamic terror scum friends. Slut.”

Shah said she was born in West Virginia, and she is not a Muslim, but has received hundreds of emails accusing her of being Muslim and telling her to “go back to your country.”    She believes that reflects what a Trump presidency would be like.

Buzzfeed reporter McKay Coppins called Pryce about the voicemail message he left:

Reached by phone Tuesday evening, the man featured in the ad told BuzzFeed News his full name was Alan Pryce. He seemed at first not to remember leaving the voicemail on Shah’s phone, but after hearing a transcript of the message read aloud, he said, “Oh yeah, a few days ago? I stand by every word of it.”

Informed that Shah was born in in the U.S., Pryce replied, “Really? Well, she’s absolutely a first-gen whatever. Look, I didn’t do a biography on her.”

“Clearly, she’s an anti-American supporter of a pathological lying criminal,” Pryce continued. “Anyone who supports [Hillary Clinton], either actively or tacitly, is anti-American scum in my mind.”

He claimed he had been disabled by an undocumented immigrant, and said he was supporting Trump as a consequence (though he declined to provide personal details that would help verify his story).

Though he was strongly critical of McMullin, whom he called “the definition of the word ‘cuck,’” Pryce didn’t mind being featured in his campaign’s ad. “Honestly,” he said, “I think it’s hysterical.”


Donald Trump may not think it’s hysterical.  Now “NeverTrump” voters are running with the ad video, claiming this is representative of Trump’s policies and all his supporters.