Donald Trump says his speech at the finale of the Republican National Convention Thursday night offered an optimistic message, as he challenged NBC’s Chuck Todd in an interview on Meet The Press Sunday.

The GOP nominee pushed back against critics who called Trump’s message of a crumbling America too pessimistic, telling Todd that he intended to portray only a distinct choice: himself and Hillary Clinton.

Asked about his statement that “I alone can fix it,” Trump said his ability to solve America’s problems is a binary contrast with the Democratic nominee.

“I am running against Hillary. It’s not like I’m running against the rest of the world. I know people that are very, very capable that could do a very good job, but they could never get elected,” Trump reassured.

Trump called critics of his address “haters,” saying the latest round of violence in the Middle East caused by radical Islam proves the grim situation he presented in his speech.

“I think the only negativity, and, you know, the hate, I call them the haters, and that’s fine. But the only negative reviews were, “A little dark.” And the following day, they had another attack, and then today you see what happened in Afghanistan with many, many people killed,” he said.