Twitter users attack wrong Papadopoulos man following guilty plea in Russia probe

Twitter users directed their anger over George Papadopoulos’s guilty plea in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election at the wrong account, aiming their jeers at the account of a Wall Street Journal expert panelist and financial planner with the same name, rather than the former Trump foreign policy adviser.

The relentless attacks on Twitter are bad enough even when the person deserves them, but the other George Papadopoulos has attempted to clear his name multiple times, posting: “For the nth time, I am NOT Trump’s foreign policy adviser! I have NO association with the Trump camp! NONE!”

One user wrote, “When is your court date?You lied to the FBI for the liar in chief. This doesn’t end well for anyone associated with 45!”

He tweeted, “I used to hate my name while taking exams. Now this name association has become a nightmare, sad!”

“For many years people have associated my name with a character in the old TV show Webster. And I used to hate it. Now…it does not seem bad,” Papadopoulos added.

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