Anthony Borges, 15, is the last wounded Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting victim to be released from the hospital, and appeared on NBC’s “Today” show on Wednesday after his release.

Borges has been described as a hero from the tragic shooting, and is credited with saving the lives of many other students. He has received boxes and boxes of cards and well wishes from around the world, including from his home country of Venezuela.

His family has had to move to a new home after the shooting, since Anthony would not be able to climb the stairs now to their previous apartment, which was up several floors.

The Hill reported:

Borges — the most severely wounded survivor of the shooting — was hit five times and had to have a third of his lung removed. One bullet came dangerously close to his liver and three hit his legs, according to the “Today” show.

 The Parkland student said he “felt good” after going through nine surgeries but a full recovery is expected to take months.

Borges — who has reportedly been nicknamed “the real Iron Man” by his friends — reportedly barricaded a classroom door shut using his body during the shooting last month that left 17 students dead. Boxes of letters expressing love and support have been sent to Anthony.

Borges’s attorney has reportedly filed a notice of intent to sue Broward County officials for their response to the school shooting.

Hunter Pollack, whose sister Meadow was killed during the shooting, tweeted a special note for Anthony: “Commend Anthony Borges for acting heroic in a time of shock and panic. Great news he is released from the hospital. Keeping you in my prayers.”