Robert Downey Jr. is teaming up with a boy and his family to raise awareness for a disease called ROHHAD. 8-year-old fan Aaron Hunter, who is battling the rare, life-threatening syndrome, thought up the challenge and Downey Jr. accepted it.

Now, Downey Jr., who has become close with Aaron, is helping to spread the word.

CNET.COM reports: 

This all started when young Avengers fan Aaron Hunter sent out an internet request in early 2017 asking to speak to Iron Man. 

Hunter, 8, has a rare life-threatening syndrome called ROHHAD, which stands for “rapid-onset obesity with hypothalamic dysregulation, hypoventilation, and autonomic dysregulation.” 

In a Facebook post, the Ironman actor wrote: “The ‘Muddy Puddle’ challenge has been issued… Film yourself jumping in the biggest, muddiest puddle possible (keep it fun and safe) for 33 seconds…Then challenge 3 people to do the same…Please post the challenge to your social media platform and tag #GOMADJUMPFORROHHAD… No puddle no problem …Follow the same rules minus the puddle…Remember have an awesome (safe) time…and don’t forget to donate at

The report also says:

Robert Downey Jr. posted a video to his Facebook page … that’s pretty surprising if you don’t know what’s going on.

The Iron Man actor donned an all-white outfit and stepped into a muddy puddle to the tune of the Van Halen song Jump. He then danced about and issued this challenge: “All Avengers and Iron Man fans alike, I hereby challenge thee, go mad, jump for ROHHAD.”


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