Rapists, criminals and potential terrorists are coming through the U.S. border, according to a Border Patrol Agent, and they’re trying to find their way into our communities.

In the short clip below, an agent interviewed by DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch describes the types of individuals they apprehend at the border. He also explains why the Border Patrol cannot identify some criminals.

Drawing illegal aliens to America are JOBS. We are asking for YOUR HELP in sending a message to Congress and to President Donald J. Trump to stop the flow by implementing mandatory E-Verify.

If you are as impacted by the desperation in the agents’ voice as we were, please join us in a movement to get D.C.’s attention. Scroll down below the video for more information.

TAKE ACTION. “They Come to America I, II, and III, produced by Dennis Michael Lynch, are powerful documentaries which highlight many of the problems at the border. In them, it’s easy to see the DANGER of illegal immigration.

We want to send a powerful message to Trump and Congress, so if you purchase the TRILOGY not only will you get a set for yourself, you will also receive a second FREE set to send to President Trump at the White House.

If enough of these sets are sent, it WILL catch his attention.

When sending your video to the White House, add a brief message telling President Trump and Congress to watch them and demand that Trump take action with an executive order to implement MANDATORY E-VERIFY laws for every U.S. employer.