It turns out, Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t think Donald Trump is a brilliant person. This counters the claim he made last December, where Putin was quoted as saying Trump was “a really brilliant and talented person.”

“I only said that he was a bright person. Isn’t he bright? He is. I did not say anything else about him. Why do you always change the meaning of what I said,” Putin accused CNN’s Fareed Zakaria through a translator at a panel discussion in St. Petersburg Sunday.

Putin reserved any new adjectives for Trump in the Sunday interview, but said he expected the GOP front-runner’s desire to “restore full-fledged Russian-American relations.” Though, Putin then slyly chimed that he’s ready to work with the next president regardless of the winner.

“We never interfere into the internal political processes of other countries, especially those in the United States. We are ready to work with any president that the American people will vote for,” Putin said. While Putin tries to claim modesty toward the election, other outside interferences definitely perpetuate Russia’s involvement and influence in the November election.