Senator Ted Cruz spoke to a Texas delegation on Thursday morning.  All major news networks were in attendance as Cruz ranted on about his own abilities, and how his speech did not slam Donald Trump.  He said this election is about more than chanting a name.  He then took questions from the audience.

The first question was, “Will you vote for Donald Trump?”  Cruz, in his sneaky non-committal way replied, “I will not be voting for Hillary.”

Then a man fully dressed from head to toe in Texas colors and wearing a Stetson hat asked Cruz if he would join the people in helping bring the party together by supporting Trump.  Cruz would not commit — instead he rambled on about protecting what he believes in and defending the conservative movement.

Cruz said he is not in the habit of endorsing a candidate who insulted his wife and father, and who never apologized for it.

A woman stood up and said, “When I first met you, you said you are a man of your word.  And when I asked you if you did not keep to your word would it be OK if I called you out?  You told me yes.  And although I voted for you in the primaries, and although I love you and understand you want to defend your wife and family, this election is not about Ted Cruz, Heidi Cruz or Raphael Cruz.  This is about America.  You said you would support the Republican nominee, but you are not.”  Cruz responded by offering a long-winded answer but did not address defying his pledge.

This is personal for Ted Cruz, and as Dennis Michael Lynch wrote last night after the Cruz speech, the senator from Texas is caught inside his own ego.  He is determined to get the last word and the last laugh.  He believes Trump will lose big — and if Trump does lose, Cruz likes knowing that he played a role in Trump’s defeat.  For Cruz this is all about revenge — it’s about hurting Trump for hurting the Cruz family.