Obama recently made the statement, “There has never ever been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton.”    Voters aren’t buying it, says a new Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey.

Without being told who made the statement, 65% of voters in the survey disagreed with the president’s statement, while just 22% agreed, and 13% are still undecided.

Even Democrats aren’t convinced – only 42% agreed with the statement, with 36% do not, and 21% are undecided.

When the question of who’s most qualified comes between Clinton and Trump, Trump is clearly gaining the most momentum and Clinton’s has slipped.

In April, 50% said Clinton was qualified to be president, but only 27% felt that Trump was qualified.

Now, 40% say Trump is qualified to be president, and 41% believe Clinton is qualified, while still 19% are undecided, leaving a huge number of votes up for grabs. The survey was conducted on July 6-7, among 1,000 likely voters.

Still on who is the most qualified, 74% of Republicans go for Trump, and 77% of Democrats go for Hillary.

Unaffiliated voters are leaning to Trump – 41% say Trump is qualified, 31% go to Clinton, and 28% are still on the fence.

The majority of all voters – either for or against – expect Clinton would continue Obama’s policies.

Overall, the latest Rasmussen poll shows Trump ahead two points, with 42% of the vote, and Clinton with 40%.