Wall Street has established a dominating and unambiguous message to Hillary Clinton: Don’t pick Elizabeth Warren as your vice president if you want to keep getting our money.

“If Clinton picked Warren, her whole base on Wall Street would leave her,” one top Democratic donor told MSNBC. “They would literally just say, ‘We have no qualms with you moving left, we understand all the things you’ve had to do because of Bernie Sanders, but if you are going there with Warren, we just can’t trust you, you’ve killed it.'”

The financial services industry despises Warren, who has championed the battle against Wall Street that began with the Great Depression and continues to course through the country following the 2008 financial crisis. Warren wants to break up the nation’s largest and strongest banks. She created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The mention of Warren’s name draws antagonistic growls from bankers. Many believe Warren will be too difficult to work with.

“Clinton is going to face a divided government unless there is a total tsunami,” said one moderate Washington Democrat with close ties to the banking industry. “What you want in a vice president is someone who can negotiate for you on the Hill, someone like Joe Biden. And that is not a Warren strength.”

It’s likely, since Hillary LOVES her big money donors, the Democratic frontrunner will listen to Wall Street before she concedes into her “Sanders-swayed” voters’ preference for Warren. Money does talk after all.