In a near miss that could have cost him his life, a so-called “train surfer” in Australia leaped from a moving train that was traveling over a bridge, narrowly avoiding a deadly encounter with a concrete surface.

In the video, a man can be seen jumping from his perch on a moving train into the water below a bridge, waving to the camera before beginning the dangerous stunt. When he hits the water, he lands far too close to a concrete pillar.

The New York Post reports: Social media users labeled the man “an idiot” and “selfish” as the video was viewed more than 100,000 times on Facebook, commenting that he was lucky not to have been electrocuted or killed by hitting the concrete.

One said she had seen someone die from electrocution while train surfing on the Fremantle line. But another user called the man a “legend” for his risky stunt.

The footage has prompted an investigation by the Public Transport Authority. PTA spokeswoman Claire Krol told Perth Now the man’s behavior was “absolutely disgraceful” and said the PTA was reviewing its CCTV footage for information that could help police identify and charge him.

Krol said that besides almost dying in the fall, the “surfer” was standing beneath 25,000 volt overhead wires which can arc, meaning he could have also been electrocuted just being near them.

If he’s found, the daredevil could face 12 months in jail and a $12,000 fine for trespassing.

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