As allied armies break up more and more of the group’s forces, Western governments are beginning to worry about the ISIS foreign fighters that are being sent home to their doorstep.

Responding to the group’s active online recruiting networks, thousands of militants have emigrated to join the group in Syria and Iraq over the past several years. As allied forces capture more of ISIS’s dwindling territory, many of those militants are being repatriated home. Thus, a real fear of western governments is that they are sending terrorists back closer to home.

The Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago is taking particular notice, as it has the highest per capita rate of foreign ISIS fighters. ISIS has claimed before that it trains fighters in tourist hot spots in the Caribbean.

When quizzed over the risk of jihadis returning, Minister of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago at the CARICOM replied: “It is not a matter of yes but when.”

The warning comes amid fears fighters will be able to travel between most of the Caribbean islands without a visa, meaning reaching the Bahamas would leave any terrorist just a step away from Florida.

John Estrada, a former US ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, warned militants from Trinidad and Tobago have been well received by ISIS.

Describing the islands as the terror group’s “unthinking seedbed”, he told New York Times: “Per capita, Trinidad has the greatest number of foreign fighters from the Western Hemisphere who have joined the Islamic State.”

“Trinidadians do very well with ISIL. 

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