Written by DML
President Trump is overseas today. It’s where I think he does his best when it comes to showcasing the sort of president he can be.

During their time together on Sunday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Trump discussed trade and North Korea problems over golf and dinner.

“We are in the midst of discussions on many subjects, including North Korea and trade and other things,” Trump said before the dinner in Tokyo with Akie Abe. “But time is a little bit limited. Tomorrow’s a busy day.”

According to Fox News, the two world leaders are expected to focus on how to present a united front to stop North Korea’s pursuit of a nuclear arsenal — made clear recently by leader Kim Jong Un’s repeated nuclear and ballistic-missile tests.

Trump will be looking for Japan to limit trade with neighboring North Korea, to squeeze the rogue nation economically, while Abe wants reassurances that the United States will stand by its treaty obligations to defend Japan if attacked.

Trump’s trip will run a total of 12 days. When he completes his visit to Japan, he will move on to South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

This is a very important trip for the president. He has to show great leadership, and Americans need to feel like there is a plan to stop North Korea from attacking the homeland.

A strong trip can help Trump greatly. Right now, Trump’s polling numbers are dreadfully low as the Russian probe is grabbing headlines again, and the tax reform he is promising has some middle class voters confused as to how they win with the new plan. Although they may receive a lower tax rate, it is offset by the lack of deductions permitted.