OPINION- A recent trending hashtag has emerged regarding presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump backing out of the much anticipated debate with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. The hashtag is #ChickenTrump, playing on the fact Trump is “chickening out” on going one-on-one with Sanders. However, the hashtag should be #ChampionTrump, and here’s why:

Trump has nothing to gain by debating Sanders. In fact, the cost of the event alone would financially damper Trump’s resources that could be properly utilized for his campaign and fundraising.

Regardless of your political stance, Sanders has been treated horrendously by the DNC, who have stacked the cards against him in favor of Hillary Clinton. The debate would totally boost Sanders, but at the end of the day, it would have been for nothing. Sanders still lacks the delegates to surpass Hillary.

Trump, on the other hand, has finished off the race for the Republican nomination. While it’s still not official even though he’s garnered the amount of delegates to receive the nominee status, Trump needs to realign his focus on defeating Hillary, not the second place finisher that is Sanders.

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Furthermore, it’s not like Trump has casted Sanders into the dark like Hillary has. Trump has supported Sanders’ ongoing struggle with the Democratic establishment, advising him to go third party.

#ChickenTrump won’t achieve anything; Sanders will not be the nominee. Trump will still be the Republican frontrunner, and Sanders will still lose out to Hillary.

Instead, for those who do not wish ‘Crooked Hillary’ to become the next President, change the hashtag to #ChampionTrump. He deserves it. Trump played by the rules through the primaries, and he did it without major ties to the Republican establishment. While the world would totally be invested in a televised clashing of ideologies by Trump and Sanders, there is no benefitting endgame for Trump and no “world shaking” changes for Sanders’ presidential bid.

So if you see your liberal or misguided friends on Facebook using “#ChickenTrump,” you now know how to correct them…