According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sunday, Donald Trump was polling with only 34 percent of women supporting him

Inside the Republican National Convention female Trump supporters can be seen in abundant numbers, and they are extremely vocal on why they believe Trump is the better candidate for women.

Here are just a few prime examples of women speaking out in Support of Donald Trump:

Oklahoma delegate Monica Deon has said at the Republican National Convention, “I don’t know where all this negative publicity is coming from, because he is absolutely fantastic with women.” “He treats them as equals, he treats them with a lot of respect (and) he has them in high-paying jobs.”

Entrepreneur Diane J. Schindlbeck, a Michigan delegate for Trump said, “The way he runs his business — I truly believe he is going to use those skills and those talents to hire or appoint great advisers and put the right people in place to help our economy,” she said. “I am a strong believer that we should run America like a business, and I think he’s going to put those skills to work.”

Shundra Fuller, a nurse from Ocean Springs, Miss., says Trump is “a man that when he says something, he means it. We’ve had too many politicians who say, ‘We’re going to do this. We’re going to do that,’ but they (don’t),” Fuller said. “Donald Trump is very outspoken, and he means what he says. If he says he’s going to do it, I think he’s going to do it.”

Even women who hold high political position are outspoken supporters of a Trump presidency:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn of the 7th District of Tennessee is a small businesswoman, an author, mother and grandmother who supports Donald Trump.

Blackburn has stated, “We are in desperate need of true leadership and unity. The last eight years have been a challenge, to our national and household budgets, our Constitution, to the men and women who give their lives and sacred honor to protect both. Donald Trump is a leader who has seen challenges, learned lessons, solved problems, delivered results. Some of our greatest leaders have been people who worked in the real world, know firsthand how cumbersome rules and unnecessary regulations get in the way of greatness. I want a president who knows leadership is not as it appears, but as it performs.”

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is another great example.

She believes. “We are one in our belief that America must address the national debt – not by increasing taxes – but by increasing opportunity. We are one in our belief that we must protect our borders, and promote fair trade that puts American workers first. We are one in our belief that we must stand with allies like Israel, a beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. We are one in our belief that we must respect and honor our military, veterans, and law enforcement, whose sacrifice keeps us safe and free. And we are one in our belief in that every life is precious, regardless of race or class, including the lives of unborn children.”

As Election Day comes closer, we can only hope more women step up and show their support for Trump.