There is no shortage of women who have made claims of having an affair with former president Bill Clinton. But Kathleen Willey has accused Clinton of sexual assault. She is now urging the other victims she believes are out there to step forward and go public.

Willey appeared on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on Sunday.  She said, “As we get closer to the election, I would like to ask once again if there are any women out there who have been assaulted, sexually harassed, raped by Bill Clinton to please, please find the courage to write to me and tell me about it.”

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“As we get closer to the election, we cannot let this woman [Hillary Clinton] back into the White House,” Wiley said. “This is one way to keep them out of the White House and get rid of them forever because they just need to go away. We’re sick of their dysfunctional family and all of their scandals every single day.”

She suggested victims contact her via