Young “activists” who wish to change their communities are getting a little help from a Women’s March initiative.

A toolkit targeted to high schoolers and college students through Women’s March EMPOWER is meant to be a guide for young activists, and will teach them to “resist,” according to the group.

They announced the launch in a tweet that read: “Today, our Women’s March Youth arm is excited to launch a toolkit for young activists to create high school and college chapters that guide students in making a positive impact in their communities.”

Along with other organizations, like Rock the Vote, PeaceFirst, Rise to Run and Teen Vogue, the program was started to help young potential activists in three areas: empowering themselves through “effective” organizing; empowering themselves through voting; and empowering themselves for running for office.

“Effective organizing begins with a deep understanding of the change you are trying to create and relies on clear articulation of both where you are and where you want to be. The toolkit provides a comprehensive dive into each stage: Choose, Understand, Plan, Act, and Reflect,” the organization notes on its website.

Also on the agenda for the initiative is young women. They plan to support any who may wish to run for office. Under their Rise to Run to program, they will train the young women to be progressive candidates.

“The training covers the fundamentals of building a campaign, what it looks like to run as a progressive, the structure of holding local office, and other ways to show up in your community as a candidate, and eventually as an elected official,” the Women’s March website notes.