On Friday morning, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on a phone interview with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump asked if he would consider choosing Bernie Sanders as his running mate for the November election. “Would you take a few minutes to talk to him and consider him as your running mate?” she asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Trump’s response may surprise you:

“Wow that’s a great question. The one thing that Bernie Sanders and I have in common –and I do have much bigger crowds than him– I actually do, Joe and Mika know that. He is second, I will say that. But I will say this: We have one thing very strongly in common. We know that the U.S. is being taken advantage of horribly on trade deals. The difference between Bernie and myself is, I know how to make those deals fantastic and he has no idea.”

Wallace egged on: “But as your number two he could watch and learn from you?”

“He’s got a lot of other things in the bag, I will tell you Nicolle and I mean this 100%. You saw that in many of the primaries. If Bernie loses –which he will because the primary is rigged– If Bernie loses to Hillary he should run as an independent. Bernie should definitely run as an independent. [If he doesn’t], big percentages of the Bernie people are going to vote for Trump,” Trump said.

How would you feel about a Trump-Sanders match up?

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